Welcome to the Sales Lab

There are plenty of sales, marketing, and business podcasts out there already. So why another one? Here are a few things that are different about the Sales Lab:

Not About Motivation

I don't care about motivating you. If you want a podcast to tell you to mindlessly "crush it" (or some other vague advice) look elsewhere! This podcast is all about learning something new, asking questions, challenging assumptions, and strengthening the overall practice of selling and sales management. We want to have smart discourse about our glorious profession.

A Different Perspective

As a business professor by day, my main responsibility is to collect and analyze data, learn new things about sales, influence, persuasion, and leadership, and communicate my research findings through presentations and scientific publications (for help sleeping, you can track my publications HERE). Because of my research work, and the work of my peers, we have an opportunity to explore cutting edge ideas before they ever make it to the pages of business magazines or books.

Independent, Critical Scrutiny

I am not beholden to any particular sales methodology, pop guru's philosophy, or consulting firm's IP. We will discuss ideas, wherever they come from, and subject all things to critical scrutiny. My professorial (which, before you ask, if very possibly and real word) quest to uncover things that are useful, interesting, and true will drive much of what happens in this podcast.

What can you do?

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The Sales Lab PODCAST - Coming May 2020!


Sales Leaders

Sales Leaders

Sales Leaders

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Sales Leaders

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