Research Areas and Publications

I work with companies to collect and analyze data to answer important business questions. This page highlights my major research areas and provides links to sample publications.

For a complete list of academic publications, along with citations, please visit my Google Scholar profile.

Research Area 1: Optimizing Customer Interactions

Research on improving the ethical use of influence and persuasion in sales and marketing. 

"Adapting Influence Approaches to Informed Consumers in High-Involvement Purchases: Are Salespeople Really Doomed?" (2019) with Bryan Hochstein, Ronald Goldsmith, and Christopher Plouffe. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 47 (1), 118-137.

"Toward an Optimal Donation Solicitation: Evidence from the Field of the Differential Influence of Donor-Related and Org.-Related Information on Donation Choice and Amount," (2018) with Tatiana Fajardo and Claudia Townsend. Journal of Marketing, 82 (2), 142-152.

"Which Influence Tactics Lead to Sales Performance? It's a Matter of Style" ( 2014) with Christopher Plouffe and Joseph Cote. Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 34 (2), 141-159.


Research Area 2: Intra-Firm Performance Drivers

Research on uncovering intraorganizational networks, relationships, and climates that drive salesperson performance.  

"Exploring the Unintended Negative Impact of an Ethical Climate in Competitive Environments" (2017) with William Zahn and Bryan Hochstein. Marketing Letters, 28 (4), 621-635.

"Does the Customer Matter Most? Exploring Strategic Frontline Employees’ Influence of Customers, Business Partners, and the Internal Sales Team" (2016) with Christopher Plouffe, Joseph Cote, and Bryan Hochstein. Journal of Marketing, 80 (1), 106-123.

"Social Networks within Sales Organizations: Their Development and Importance for Salesperson Performance" (2015) with Cinthia Satornino, Doug Hughes, and Gerald Ferris. Journal of Marketing, 79 (6), 1-16.


Research Area 3: Individual Adaptation to Change

Research on how individuals adapt their performance to personal and organizational change over time. 

"Whom to Hire and How to Coach Them:  A Longitudinal Analysis of Newly Hired Salesperson Performance " (2020) with Cinthia Satornino, Alexis Allen, Bryan Hochstein, and Riley Dugan. Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, forthcoming.

"Managing New Salespeople’s Ethical Behaviors during Repetitive Failures: When Trying to Help Actually Hurts," (2017) with William Zahn, Terry Loe, and Melissa Clark. Journal of Business Ethics, 144 (3), 519-532. 

"Why Are Some Salespeople Better At Adapting to Organizational Change?" (2010) with Mike Ahearne, Son Lam, and John Mathieu.  Journal of Marketing, 74 (3), 65


Research Area 4: Research Methods and Tools

Research encouraging improvements in measurement, operationalization, assessment, and other research areas. 

"Time, Change, and Longitudinally Emergent Conditions: Understanding and Applying Longitudinal Growth Modeling in Sales Research," (2017) with Eli Jones and Riley Dugan. Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management,  37 (2), 153-169.